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Maker Title
"Gasgold" Astral gas refrigerator
1 of 4 Ceramic Jars including 2 ginger jars, used by James McIntosh Patrick
Addressed to Mr Stewart, Secretary, Y.M.C.A., Dundee. Reverse blank
Albert Cycling Club Trophy
Annual staff dinner for D C Thomson Staff
army boxing medal
army boxing medal
army boxing medal
army boxing shield
Astral fridge instructions and recipe.
Autograph Album, Theatre/Music Hall Stars: Margaret A. Lockhart
Barrie's Ginger Beer
Bathing costume
Belmont Swimming Club Membership Card, Season 1925
Birthday Greetings Card, 1912
Blackboard on Wooden Stand
Bottle of finest sperm whale oil
Boulton-Watt Engine model
Braithwaite's box of tea bags
Brown Braithwaites' paper bag
Case-back closing tool
cash register
cash register
Certificate Presented to the Mars Boys
Chocolate box
City of Dundee Bowling Association Trophy Shield, 1930-1976
Classroom Slate with Pencil
cocoa tin
Communion pewter, Secession Church, 1830
Communion token
Communion token
Communion token for Mains and Strathmartine, Angus
Communion token for Mains and Strathmartine, Angus
Communion token for Markinch, Fife
Confectionary tin
Copy of letter written by Captain Robert Falcon Scott
Cotton reel from D.M.Brown
Cricket bat, and cover
Dip-pen, with nib
Dundee F.C. Pennant
Dundee F.C. Scarf, 1986
Dundee United F.C. Scarf, European Cup Championship 1986
Dundee United F.C. Socks, 1983-1986
Edward VIII Coronation Beaker, 1937
Explorers plan to cross Antarctic. From Evening Times, Saturday, January 22nd, 1955
Eye loupe
Forfarshire Football Association Trophy Cup 1883-94
Fragments from Bible burned in City Churches fire 1841
Funding Logos